Thursday, 24 May 2007

The Road to Columbus

One more week before I need to be in Columbus. Toni bought back the last of the new silks and the new limited Edition silk today so they are all wound and ready to pack.

I am teaching a class next Thursday at 5pm with 5 other designers, Jen Funk Webber, Heather Holland-Daley, Jenny Hart, Karen Kluba and Kat Rocha. The class is called Beyond Embroidery Boundaries and each of us have a half hour to teach our technique.

My part of the class is - 'Techniques for stitching with Hand Dyed threads' and as I have mentioned before, my Aussie buddy Janie, has designed a class piece using the limited Edition silk and this class will be available for stores to purchase and teach to their customers.

Friday night I'm taking part in the 'Sample It'. This is a chance for stores to come and buy one packaged product from each of the vendors who registered for 'Sample It'. Since Columbus Market is an order only market, stock is shipped after the designers arrive home and 'Sample It' is an opportunity for stores to buy something from designers that they can take home and show their customers. I am going to have packs of my 10 new silks for sale so I'll be busy this weekend packaging them.

The catalogues, colour cards and silk lists are now printed and ready to pack. I've started putting the silks on our thread display and have packed all the models.

My trusty helper Fran is coming with me and with our allocation of 4 suitcases and 2 carry on bags I hope everything fits. No doubt I'll be paying for excess luggage. I just hope we will have room for clothes!

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