Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Maui is beautiful

Aloha! Today is our third full day in Maui. It is so much like home (the Whitsundays) and I feel really comfortable here. The same colour water and the same huge flowering trees and same yummy tasting fruit. Fran took us for a quick look around on Sunday and we went to an Arts and Craft fair at the local community centre. There were lots of beautiful hand crafted products on sale and I picked up presents for my grandchildren... all 5 of them. (It's a long story but we have 2 new grandsons aged Matthew 7 and Tyron 8 to add the the mix of Kayla and Jabob who are 6 and Miss Madison 4) I also found a suitably bright Hawaiian shirt for Ian. Sunday afternoon we sat on our balcony that overlooks the pool and waterfall and stitched. Yesterday we visited the lovely Dolphine and Ruth Ann at The Needlework Shop and they were very happy to see us. We went through all the products available from Dinky-Dyes and I think they were suitably impressed. Although not a large needlework store, they have some lovely handmade needlework accessories unique to Maui and well worth a visit if you are ever in this part of the world. Photo left to right: Me, Anita, Ruth Ann and Dolphine. At 4.30 yesterday the resort had a local dance troupe to entertain (and free Mai Tai's). They sang and danced and explained many things about Hawaii, it's culture and how much work goes into perfecting the dances. They were wonderful and we had a great time. Today I need to stay in and catch up on some work and prepare order forms and catalogues for TNNA in Columbus in June. Fran and Anita are going to the beach and maybe snorkelling. I don't do salt water... to many nasties in the ocean where I come from, such as box jellyfish and Sharks so it has been many years since I ventured into the ocean. Tonight we are going to a luau and I'm really looking forward to it. I'll be sure to take some photos to post. Aloha!

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