Saturday, 19 May 2007

Where has this week gone?

I can't believe that it has already been a week since we left Maui. I've been so busy the days are flying by. I need to find a way to add another 12 hours to each day.

Things are falling into place and I think I will have everything done in time for Columbus. Some of the new threads are coming back from the winders and I've finally sorted out the order forms and the new ink stamps and printed out 6 months copies of The Gift of Stitching Magazine.

Oh, I don't think I have mentioned that. Kirsten, who I spent time with when I was home earlier this year, has appointed me the US distributor for her magazine, The Gift of Stitching. It is excellent value for money and keeps getting better with many recognised designers contributing beautiful designs.

Anyway, Kirsten now has subscription cards that can be sold by needlework stores and I'm going to be marketing them here in the US and hopefully selling heaps to all my customers. The idea is you buy the card from your LNS, take it home and log onto the magazine website and register by putting in the unique number you find on your card. It is also an excellent small gift to slip into a card to send to a friend. I'll be introducing them at Columbus and hope the stores can see the potential that I do.

I finally managed to be away from my laptop long enough for DH to scan the new silks for the colour card and I've decided to post a sneak peak of the 10 new colours.

The new names are: Parrot Fish, Illawong, Black Opal, Black Coral, Desert Pea, Rose Bay, Jindabyne, Shark Bay, Dandenong and Sea Grass. They will be available for your LNS to purchase either at Columbus or if they aren't attending Columbus, the week following the show.


joann said...

WOW! i love the new colors! can't wait to work with them!

monique said...

Ooh- pretty, pretty colors... I'll stop over to fondle them during the show :)

TwistedCandles said...

Black Opal is just stunning!!! I need to do something special with it...