Monday, 21 May 2007

I hate Mondays

I hate Mondays and I imagine there are thousands, if not millions of others out there who feel the same. It's not as if I have to get up and out the door to a regular job, so I guess it is a hang over from when I was gainfully employed in a full time job. Those were the days when I ONLY worked 8 hours a day..... but then again, I had to get up and go to a workplace on Mondays.

This Monday was spent dyeing silks, packing orders and trying to stretch and pin Flamenco and the Wedding Sampler. The mat board I have won't work so I need to take a trip to pick some up. Maybe that will go on tomorrows job list along with a hundred other things that need to be finished before Columbus.

I the midst of dyeing I had a call from our Vet. Ian had taken the kids (4 legged variety), Bronco and Peaches, for their annual check up and blood tests on Saturday. That in itself cost a small fortune and much more then our own yearly check ups but he did come home with a little bag with heart worm tablets and some free shampoo and chewy rawhide things for each of them.

Bronco (in the front) promptly ate his but Peaches has been walking around with hers and hiding it from Bronco. Unfortunately, she heard a noise outside and ran to bark at the offender and Bronco pinched it. Peaches wasn't impressed and ticked him off so he has been making himself scarce this afternoon. She is sitting happily in her basket under the table in my office with her chewy thing sitting beside her.

Anyway, I digress. The Vet rang and something showed up in Bronco's blood tests so he needs to take pills for the next 6 months. They are both 9 years old this year so I guess we have to expect things like this to start happening. They are great company and real poeple dogs and hate it when the suitcases come out to be packed for a trip.


HasturTorres said...

Your pups look absolutely adorable.

joann said...

i hope bronco is better and what ever was in his blood the vet got rid of!