Wednesday, 6 June 2007

I'm back from Columbus

It has been a while since I blogged. The days rushed by before market and I was so busy trying to have everything ready to take with me, I had no time to post.

Fran and I picked up Kat on the way to the airport on the morning on March 31st and we were off to Columbus. We had to get a mini van from the airport with all our luggage - 6 large suitcases and assorted stitching bags, lap top cases and handbags. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott - Downtown and although the hotel wasn't new, it was clean and the staff were wonderful. The buffet breakfast was pretty good too!

Thursday was a rush. We had about 2 1/2 hours to get from the airport to the hotel then off to the class. I wasn't looking forward to that but it went really well. I threw in a few Aussieisms like 'Spit the Dummy' or 'For Ron' and Fran the handler played translator. I think all the people in the class just liked listening to me talk!

Friday was set up day. I thought I had everything but I had left the chains for the thread display at home. Laura saved the day by calling into a Home Depot to buy more for me on her way down from Canada. I am distributing for Laura through the US now and she had her stunning new designs and hand dyed fabric on display in my booth.

We had a 20 foot booth and since I had asked for, and received a corner booth, I left one end open to make it appear less cluttered. Above is the top end of the booth with the thread wall, the two needlepoint models and some of mine and Janie's designs. Below is a close up of the thread wall.

It is much less work setting up for an 'Order Only' show because we only need to take display stock and don't need enough to fill orders.

This photo shows 1 of the back walls with Janie's lovely pieces on the table and my designs hanging behind.

At the other end of the booth was the new designs from Enchanting Lair, Heirloom Embroideries and my display for The Gift of Stitching. All the stores who looked were very impressed with Kirsten's magazine and we did sell some subscription packs. Hopefully, more stores will contact me in the coming weeks to purchase subscription cards.

We did very well at the show with the orders rolling in from existing customers as well as a lot of new stores. Needlepointers were impressed with the silks and I had quite a few orders for full sets from various designers.

One of the best parts of going to the shows is socialising. Fran, Kat and I had so much fun with Pam and Ruth from 3 Stitches, our local Needlework Store and a new friend Edith Anne. Connie from Designs by CJ also joined us for dinner one night.

My website has been updated with the new silks and Janie's new designs, including our new collaborative effort - a class design that I taught at Columbus. It includes the chart, designed by Janie with full colour coded instructions, buttons and a new limited edition silk. It is also available with the fabric on request.

I have more to tell you but I need to start packing all the orders from Market.


joann said...

yeah! welcome home!

your display looks great! i love how the threads look against the black background!

wow! that's a lot of threads!!!
the new colors are great!

sounds like you got lots of dyeing to do....lots of orders going out!

monique said...

great pics of your booth! I did come round to see you a time or two but you were busy :)