Monday, 25 June 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

I am sick of all this rain. It has either stormed and rained or just rained for what seems like weeks. When it isn't raining it is so hot and steamy and the grass and weeds grow far too quickly. Not to mention that it plays havoc with my dyeing. I'm lucky that I have so many drying racks but I like having lots of bright light when I am dyeing so I can see the colours properly.

The rainy days haven't been entirely wasted because I've been designing. I have finished a new Quilt Block and a little Celtic Cross and I have another Celtic design half finished. Janie and I are also going to be releasing a Ornament Collaboration soon, just in time for Christmas stitching.

This week has also bought me some charts from other designers who have used my silks. My friend Debbie, from My Big Toe Designs has a new design 'The Looking Glass' that uses my silks. She has also re-stitched 'Doro Theos' (below) with my new black #130 Black Coral and #91 Jarrah. You can find Debbie's designs in most needlework stores so keep an eye out for the new one.

Judith from Twisted Oaks Designs sent me the chart of a really cute new design, 'Coq Au Pins' which is a collection of stitching smalls including a chicken pin cushion that is so sweet. Be on the look out for that one as well.

We are leaving for Virginia on Friday for a weeks holiday and when I get back, I'll be dyeing my Summer Limited Edition Pack. I posted a message on my BB asking what colours customers would like to see this time. If you usually order these packs, go to the BB and have your say.

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Keep up the good work.