Friday, 31 August 2007

We have new releases!

My friend Janie from The Cat's Whiskers and I have another Collaboration pack. It is Christmas Ornament pack and it contains the charts for an ornament designed by Janie and one designed by me and all the silks needed to stitch them.

If you would like a closer look, go here

I have also released Lightning Ridge, which is the 4th in the Quilt Block series.

The others are Southern Stars, The Dreaming and Terra Australis.
The 5th in the series, The Min Min will be in the September issue of The Gift of Stitching magazine.

Our new Lapel Pins have arrived! I love collecting different pins and decided I would have Dinky-Dyes pins made. We also now have fun multi-coloured Dinky-Dyes pens.

I will have these lovely pins on sale at Hershey but if anyone not going to Hershey would like one, just send me an e-mail.


joann said...

i'd love a dinky dyes pin! then everyone at work will wonder! LOL!
can i buy one in sept?

the ornaments look great finished too!!! did you do the finishing or janie or someone else? great job!

monique said...

Love the colors you used in Lightening Ridge!

The Dyer said...

Thanks Joann. Yes you can get a pin. I finished the ornaments :-)

Thanks Monique. I wasn't too sure about those colours when Joann sent me the scans as she was stitching, but they are growing one me.

joann said...

i love the colors in lighten ridge! i was thinking what motifs can i use to stitch with this gorgeous color?!!!

Anonymous said...

Jo, I love the pin and of course, I will want one in Sept, also.

And, the new quilt block is a "must have", especially since I have the first three.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo

I love Lightening Ridge! Do you have a UK supplier for this series as I'd love to stitch them?

The Dyer said...

Yes, contact Jayne at Jayne's Attic in the Uk and she will order any of my products or charts you'd like.

Glenda said...

Yikes! I think a large portion of my CATS budget will be spent at your booth.